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I'm french citizen and I plan to participate with some friends to the Mawana marathon on 19th feb  2013 in Delhi. I run many marathons and ultra marathons in the past but I don't have any timing certficate with me and I won't be able to get one before february. How can I do ? Is there any alternative ? Does this certficate is compulsory for all marathons in India ? Does a medical certificat could fit ?

Thanks for your help


Philippe MORATTI

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No certificate required to participate in Mawana Marathon.

Hi Phillippe

G8 to know that u wanna participate in the Mawana marathon. As far as I know, not having the timing certificate wont be a problem for participation. I too participated in the Airtel half marathon in October without timing certificate since I registered my name quite early. So my advise would be that U get your name registered as soon as possible after the organizers declare the dates. No need to have medical certificate. They would require you to fill up a form thats all. But do you know the dates of registration? Nowhere to be found on the net coz I too am planning to participate in the Mawana marathon.

Yep! First time I have seen a "date" tagged to the Mawana Delhi marathon 2013. No info on website yet. No timing cert required. Probably not the best organised marathon in Delhi, I hear, especially for first timers and more than 4+. Yet intend to do my maiden full with this............

I'm keen to enter this run but am struggling to find out how and where I register. 

Any suggestions?

Seems even last year they announced the date by mid Jan. So keep a watch out for next 2 weeks...........

Mawana Marathon 2013 is scheduled for most likely on 19th Feb'2013 only. The organisers will be posting information in next 3-4 days on their website http://www.mawanamarathon.com/mawana/index.htm.

As per my information, there is no need for timing certificate.

Many thanks for the information and the link to the sign up page. The date seems to be 17th February and fortunately I land in Delhi on the 15th so I should be able to enter.

Just found out the race is for Indian Nationals only via a friend. Is this the case as I noticed this thread was started by someone in France . .

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